I have done a lot of things in this life, but through it all I knew that deep down I was born to be a philosopher. However it has only been since Mid June 2014 that I have started thinking the thoughts that I have wanted to think for so long.

The Theory of Ethical Selection is the sort of thing that I wish I had thought of when I was in grad school long ago; I would have been inspired to stick with it. As it was, I quit because I did not have a thesis topic worthy for the devotion it would require. But now at least I have the ideas that I want; if you want to really understand what I am getting at, read my posts in chronological order. And if there is something that you like or hate, make a comment. If you have your own blog, I will check it out. If not comment on mine. Good luck!

Here is some of my curiculum vitae:

  • I grew up in a small town in central Kentucky, the child of creationist Republicans.
  • I joined the Army straight out of high school
    • I was deployed to Operation Desert Storm with the 82d Airborne Infantry Division.
    • I did not see any real combat.
    • While there I read the “Bhagavad Gita” and the Homer’s “Illiad”.
    • HHC 2/325 AIR
  • I then got a bachelor’s in philosophy from Centre College, a liberal arts school in central Kentucky.
    • Student body of only ~2000.
    • We did not even have a Business program.
    • Everyone in the college had to write a paper comparing two different neoclassical statues.
    • In one philosophy course, we read Merleau-Ponty’s ‘Phenomenology of Perception’ cover to cover.
      • Each day’s reading had to be summarized in at least one typed page.
      • I have not gone back to phenomenology since then, but it really opened my eyes up to some deeper levels of thinking.
  • During my college years, I spent much of my summers in the woods camping, often alone. I once spent a week and a half alone in the woods.
  • I went to the University of Kentucky PhD program in philosophy. but dropped out after one year because I had no ideas for a compelling thesis.
  • After this, I went to live at Yogaville in Buckingham, VA. I spent the next two years there as a ‘Karma Yogi’.
    • It is an ashram for Integral Yoga.
    • It was started and led by the Indian guru who said the opening prayers for Woodstock.
    • I got kicked out for no longer being a vegetarian.
  • Then I moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico.
  • And then Austin, Texas
  • And now I’m in Ottawa, where I am an MA candidate in philosophy as Dominican University College, having just submitted a thesis on “Teleology in Empedocles and Aristotle”.
  • Among the “Greats” my strongest influences is Aristotle.
  • Among living authors, I like Richard Dawkins, Lynn Margulis, David Chalmers, and many others.

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8 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Adam – your former Dominican classmate Artie Lane here. I’m enjoying your site a lot, and I especially enjoyed the personal outline here. You’ve had a very interesting journey so far – best of luck on the next chapter!


      • I did my dissertation exam last week and passed without revisions, so they tell me I’m done! I did it on implementing Ethics of Care into Canadian code of ethics documents, arguing those documents are too heavily focused on deontology and utilitarianism. I’m glad it’s over. Have you done yours yet?


      • That’s weird, I have never heard of care being a separate theory of ethics, although I suppose it must be that.

        I just defended my MA thesis, it went off great. So glad to have met 3 people who read it and asked great questions. I have also finished 23 episodes of my podcast “The Aristotle Project”, which I think is complimentary to the content in my blog. Thanks for reading that blog; it does not get much traffic, but seeing that a few people widely space over the whole world read my Aristotle commentary on a regular basis gives me pleasure.


      • I subscribed to the podcast today via iTunes and will start listening asap – looking forward to that. Congrats on defending! Yep, Ethics of Care is a separate normative ethic, but it’s complementary to others, especially Aristotelian Virtue Ethics. It doesn’t seek to supplant the others, it works along side them by addressing things that they can’t or don’t. So what is next for you now that the MA is done?


  2. I suppose I am going to do a PhD because to do otherwise seems crazy, although since the whole university system is turning to shit these days, it does seem weird to spend years getting a degree. I am just getting started with bringing my work to the world, and my defense panel seemed to be excited to get a glimpse of it. This really motivates me.

    I was wondering what you thought was worth reading in the blog. Only on rare occasions does anyone leave me a comment like this.


  3. Hi Slardi , I have finished my coursework and started research for my topic “Empedocles and Nietzsche”. Also I have moved to Sarasota, Florida and trying to find work. But my research is going great finding new things every week.


    • Congrats, and congrats on the move. My wife and I have dreams of wintering in Clearwater – you’re in a great part of the world! I went back to the corporate grind – COVID did a number on my investments so I figured I had to get back to gainful employment. What are you looking at doing?


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